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if you love someone…

February 10, 2012


You will make them these cookies!! I had a perfectly good post written, and then something happened: I made these cookies last night. And now my world is forever changed! I’m not sure I will ever be able to make a chocolate chip cookie without an Oreo inside of it. Oh bother… If you know […]

Valentine’s Day sugar cookies

February 9, 2012


Check out the new blog here  It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and even though it’s not my favorite holiday, I love making Valentine’s Day treats! I’m a sucker for heart shapes and pink & red sprinkles. If you go to the grocery store in the beginning of February, you are bombarded with pink, red, chocolate, flowers, […]

Happy New Year!

January 1, 2012


Happy 2012! Now that the holiday season has come to a close, it seems that the new year’s resolutions will soon invade our thoughts.  Have you started thinking about a new year’s resolution?  Do you hate the idea of a new year’s resolution? source: luigi diamanti / I think they can be silly because a […]

delicious spiced walnuts

December 22, 2011


Are you looking for a last minute gift or a great appetizer to bring to a holiday party or even a stocking stuffer? Well, these spiced nuts are perfect for any of those! They are delicious and easy to make.  Also, walnuts provide heart-healthy fats.  Just remember to stick to a small portion, so you […]

stocking stuffer ideas

December 21, 2011


Santa fills a lot of people’s stockings with candy. I love candy, but after months of indulging in the holidays, I’m not dying for a stocking full of candy. Hopefully, Santa won’t mind me suggesting a few healthier alternatives… Here are some ideas to give Santa for healthier stocking stuffers under $10: Assorted teas True […]

caramelized onion dip

December 19, 2011


Check out the new blog here  This time of year is not so good for your waistline. Most people over-indulge during the holidays and pay for it come the new year. {Here are helpful tips for avoiding it!} However, I understand that you would like to enjoy the parties and the food there… If you […]

cookies for Joy

December 9, 2011


This little thing is allergic to eggs (as well as chicken and peanuts, ah!) But one of her favorite things to do is make “coooooookies” It’s sort of hard to find a good recipe for sugar cookies that doesn’t have eggs in it. I’ve tried two that were OK but not great… I think I […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! I hope you have a great day and enjoy your time with family & friends. Caramelized Onion Gravy Makes about 2 cups  ½ recipe Caramelized Onions, (about 1 1/4 cups) 2 cups fat-free, low-sodium chicken broth 2 TBSP unbleached all-purpose flour ¼ tsp crushed dry rosemary ¼ tsp sea salt, or to taste […]

green bean casserole

November 23, 2011


Green bean casserole is a standard dish on Thanksgiving tables around the country. Most people use the tried-and-true recipe printed on the back of a French fried onion can, and rightfully so because it’s delicious. However, just one serving of this one casserole can be pretty high in sodium and fat. By making your own […]

Sweet potato casserole

November 18, 2011


I’ve never been a fan of sweet potato casserole. Maybe it’s because my parents and sister don’t eat it… I don’t know. Either way, I think it’s weird (don’t be mad). It’s too sweet, too mushy, and I just don’t understand why it’s even on the table for a meal. In my mind it’s definitely […]

10 healthy holiday foods

November 17, 2011


Turkey – Turkey is an excellent source of protein.  It also has beneficial vitamins and minerals including selenium, niacin, Vitamin B6, phosphorus, and zinc. Make sure you don’t deep-fry the turkey, and skip the skin. Cranberries – Cranberries are full of Vitamin C and have fiber as well.  Additionally, they have substances in them that […]

Thanksgiving is almost here

November 14, 2011


Woah, Thanksgiving is 10 days away. Are you ready? For the past 3 years, I’ve had an early Thanksgiving with friends and one with my family.  For the Thanksgiving with friends, I get to plan and make most of the meal, which I love doing, of course! This week I will be planning and making […]

Happy Veterans Day

November 11, 2011


Good morning, and Happy Veterans Day! In honor of that, I want to tell you about a group of volunteers who send baked goods and other items to our currently deployed troops.  The name of the group is Baking GALS, and I am currently participating in this round. Basically, you register to join.  Then you […]

prevent holiday weight gain

November 1, 2011


With the holidays just around the corner (YAY!), overeating and indulgence usually comes to mind. There’s an abundance of food, candy, treats,  holiday parties, etc. for the next 2 months. It can be really hard to eat healthy throughout the holidays because of all the temptations around us. Now, I certainly don’t condone avoiding holiday fun, and […]