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chocolate cupcakes for Halloween

October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween!! I have been on a pumpkin baking kick lately; so far I’ve made Chewy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies (delicious) and Pumpkin Streusel Coffee Cake (perfect for a fall breakfast). I thought I’d change it up a little with some chocolate, which was perfect for this adorable cupcake pan I found at Michael’s: These […]

Hamburgers, steaks, and sirloins, oh my!

October 28, 2011


Whenever I tell someone what my job is, they get defensive and respond with something along the lines of “Oh, I’m bad; I sometimes eat hamburgers.” or “Don’t hate me, but I eat red meat.” Yeah, so do I… Red meat is not the enemy. There are a lot of different cuts of red meat […]

Happy National Potato Day!

October 27, 2011


Poor potatoes… They’re one of the first things to go when people start dieting. They have a terrible reputation, but they really can be enjoyed without guilt! First of all, potatoes are delicious. Pretty much everyone likes potatoes, and they are often considered to be comfort food. Americans eat around 50 pounds a year, but unfortunately, […]


October 26, 2011


Well, my computer crashed last night (yay…), so the pictures in this post aren’t great. Sorry. However, there’s no need to be Debbie Downer because today is National Pumpkin Day! Happy National Pumpkin Day!! I love pumpkins like I love fall. They make me happy. Not only are pumpkins synonymous with the fall, they are […]

slow-cooker lentil soup

October 25, 2011


I love fall for so many reasons, and I love making soup this time of year! It’s easy to make, perfect for warming you up, and makes your house smell so good! Soup is also filling and can be healthy. I apologize because I will probably be posting a lot more soup recipes throughout the fall and […]

quick and easy chicken

October 24, 2011


Check out the new blog here  It’s Monday. You may be tired, and the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of time thinking about and/or cooking dinner. So I’m sharing one of my favorite recipes with you today. Not only is it good, but it’s quick and easy to make! The […]

edamame hummus

October 22, 2011


Oooh this is gooood!  Even more exciting is how good it is for you. It is made with edamame (hence the name), which is full of filling fiber, heart protecting potassium, and protein. I love making hummus, and this hummus might be my new fav.  The ingredients are simple, too.  Here’s what you’ll need: Edamame Hummus Makes about […]

Pure Barre Mobile

October 21, 2011


Friday Fitness Fun! The other day I was in Mobile and went to Pure Barre. Now, I’ve done a Pure Barre class before, but I really didn’t like it. I felt like I was in there for over 2 hours. (It’s a 55 minute class).  That was my one and only experience.  I basically refused […]

a different kind of taco

October 20, 2011


It can be really hard to convince people that tofu is good, but if you cook it right, it can actually taste great! No worries, I’m not about to try to convince you to become a vegan or vegetarian even. I refuse to give up (uncured) bacon But it’s Vegetarian Awareness Month, so here […]

the most amazing pesto ever!

October 18, 2011

0! If you like pesto (or even if you don’t), then you have to make this! In celebration of National Pasta Month as well as Vegetarian Awareness Month, I made this pesto from a vegan blog – Oh She Glows. It is amazing! You really, really need to make it.  Non-vegan eaters will enjoy it, […]

‘The Top 50 Fall Diet Foods’

October 17, 2011


I’m not posting anything today, but read this article The Top 50 Fall Diet Foods Have a good Monday…

chicken and more chicken

October 14, 2011


Chicken is a great source of animal protein. It can be quick cooking, versatile, and tasty. Only problem is that I really don’t like dealing with raw chicken. I mean, who does? This is why I buy a large pack of chicken when it’s on sale and freeze it for later. That way I don’t […]

eating New Orleans – Patois

October 13, 2011


My first restaurant to review in New Orleans is Patois. If you are in Uptown, you need to go here! I went this summer and still think about how good the food was!  (please excuse the pictures from my phone) Here’s what I ate: Appetizer: Potato Gnocchi (shared with my mom and sister) chanterelle mushrooms, jumbo […]

‘Does running make you fat?’

October 12, 2011


 Source: Andy Newson / Yesterday, I read an article – Does running make you fat? No, running doesn’t make you fat.  The main point of the article is that exercising alone will likely not cause weight loss.  Many people use exercise as an excuse to indulge in unhealthy food or beverages because they feel like they’ve “earned” it.  […]

homemade hummus

October 11, 2011


I love hummus. It’s a tasty and filling snack, and it provides protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Most people assume hummus is guilt free and eat a lot, but a serving size for store-bought hummus is 2 tablespoons.  I’m not sure if anyone eats only 2 tablespoons, and the fat and calories can add up when eating […]

french toast

October 7, 2011


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so please promise me you’ll try to eat breakfast everyday… K, thanks. While cereal & milk is a perfectly good breakfast (but pretty boring), I don’t always want that. Even though mornings can be quite busy, I want to enjoy my “most important meal of the […]

Benefits of eating fat. (Yes, there are benefits)

October 6, 2011


Not all fats are bad! Promise. Please quit buying things because they are fat-free or low-fat. Please. It’s not a fun way to live, nor is it going to help you control your weight or help your heart.  Fat will not make you gain weight if you eat sensible portions, and healthy fat can benefit your heart. […]

hello, hello!

October 5, 2011


I love reading food blogs.  They inspire me to cook more often and to try new things in my kitchen, but I can get bored reading recipe after recipe. I like to have a little variety. Since that’s the type of blog I like to read, that’s what I’ll be doing for mine. This blog will be filled […]