stocking stuffer ideas

Posted on December 21, 2011


Santa fills a lot of people’s stockings with candy. I love candy, but after months of indulging in the holidays, I’m not dying for a stocking full of candy. Hopefully, Santa won’t mind me suggesting a few healthier alternatives…

Here are some ideas to give Santa for healthier stocking stuffers under $10:

  • Assorted teas
  • True Lemon Raspberry Lemonade or Lemonade mixes or other True Lemon products – they can change your plain water into something refreshing and delicious without adding a lot of calories or other unwanted things
    • you can get 50% off with promo code TRUELMN50
  • The Delicious Dietitian Spice Blends or Vinegars*
  • Spatulas – everyone needs a good spatula or two or more. And an off-set spatula is a necessity if you bake a lot
  • Oil sprayer, like a Misto – I’m obsessed with mine! You can make your own salad dressing and spray on salads. You can spray pans instead of buying non-stick cooking spray (and save almost 30 cents per ounce!). You can spray pans before cooking instead of pouring in oil or measuring it out. This thing is wonderful and can help save so many calories and fat!
  • meat thermometer – you need one of these to make sure you cook your food to the proper temperature. Guessing isn’t the most accurate method, and a meat thermometer can help keep your food safe while preventing your meat from being over-cooked.
  • Thymes Fraiser Fir Votive Candle – oh my gosh it smells so good! It’s like a Christmas tree in a candle. Absolutely delightful!
    • Use the promo code: firsale to get 10% off
  • Fruit – apples, oranges, pears

There are so many other things I would suggest (like socks, batteries or toiletries), but I feel like I might start to bore you. You could add nuts or dried fruit, too. When it comes to candy, I sure hope Santa puts some in my stocking, but I’d rather have only the candy I love and not too much.

Hope Santa fills your stocking with goodies you love 🙂


*Yes, I work for The Delicious Dietitian, but I would never recommend anything that I didn’t absolutely love. Every product listed above is on that list because I love it and don’t think I could live without it. I wasn’t paid or compensated in any way for suggesting any of the products.

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