healthy goal #4

Posted on January 24, 2012


OK, so have you started eating more vegetables & fruit everyday, exercising more each week, and eating breakfast daily? No worries if you aren’t there yet, but just keep trying.

Get excited because I now have Healthy Goal #4 for you to try.

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Healthy Goal #4:

Cook More and/or Eat Out Less

That seems like a daunting goal, so let’s break it down… Start small.

Just start trying to cook a little more and eat out (get take out) a little less.

I’m not suggesting that you now start making gourmet meals for you and your family every single night. I understand that spending over 30 minutes (or even 10 minutes) in the kitchen just may not be possible. So start from where you are right now.

  • Do you use your oven to store sweaters a lá Carrie Bradshaw?
    • Start by making easy meals like wraps or sandwiches.
    • Make a grilled cheese with whole wheat bread & reduced fat cheese and serve with tomato soup.
  • Do you barely even have 10 minutes to make dinner?
    • You can buy pre-cut fruits and vegetables to cut down on prep time. Buy a rotisserie chicken to make dinner fast & almost effortless. Use frozen vegetables and canned beans & vegetables without added salt or sauces.
    • Pull out your crock pot and try these tacos, this easy soup, or some of these recipes.
    • You can also try this quick chicken dish or avocado pasta that are both ready in under 20 minutes, or make breakfast for dinner.
    • Soups are usually pretty quick and easy, too.
  • Don’t feel like going to the grocery store?

Cooking more helps you control the ingredients, price, and calories, fat, & sodium content in your food. So many restaurant meals are filled with obscene amounts of sodium and unnecessary calories & fat. They are usually far from healthy. Even the “healthier” options are usually not the best for you. Check out this post about making healthier lunches.

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There are so many recipes on the internet that can help you eat healthier without costing you a lot of money or time. I love Cooking Light Magazine for easy ideas to fit in anyone’s life – novice to gourmet cooks. Almost every recipe I’ve ever tried has been delicious, so check out their website for ideas and inspiration.

So, like I’ve already said, just start somewhere. You’ll save money and probably even lose a couple of pounds (if you are making healthier meals) once you really reduce the amount of take out or restaurant/deli meals you eat.

Oh and one last thing: I absolutely love Pepperplate to help organize my recipes, meal plan, & grocery shop. There is a website and you can import recipes, create recipes, & share them with others through email, Twitter, or Facebook. It also syncs your recipes to your smart phone and iPad, if you have the app. You can also plan your weekly meals and get a grocery list! It’s such a great & helpful app, and I love it!! And it’s free! You really should try it! {Can you tell how much I like it?}

Have a good week, and have fun in your kitchen 🙂


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