eating New Orleans – Patois

Posted on October 13, 2011


My first restaurant to review in New Orleans is Patois. If you are in Uptown, you need to go here! I went this summer and still think about how good the food was!

 (please excuse the pictures from my phone)

Here’s what I ate:

  • Appetizer: Potato Gnocchi (shared with my mom and sister)
    • chanterelle mushrooms, jumbo lump crab, local edamame & parmigiano-reggiano
    • The potato gnocchi was recommended by one of my friends, and she was right about how delicious it is! It’s not the healthiest item on the menu, so you can split it with a couple of people.
  • Salad: Jumbo lump crab salad (just for me)
    • hearts of palm, creole tomatoes, maras farm sprouts & a lemon verbena emulsion
    • I am so glad that I ordered this! It was like they emptied a huge tub of lump crabmeat onto my plate and lightly mixed it with the hearts of palm, tomatoes, sprouts, and a light dressing. It was heavenly!
    • It is pre-mixed, so you can’t get the dressing on the side. But it’s not a heavy dressing nor is it a lot of dressing, so I was OK with that.
  • Dinner: Seared Scallops (split with my sister)
    • green onion & ginger jasmine rice, baby bok choy & a yuzu & black garlic butter sauce
    • I split this with my sister because I had some of the appetizer and a salad.  It was just the right amount of food.  The scallops had the perfect texture.  Sometimes I think scallops are rubbery, but these were soo good.  I liked that it was Asian inspired, too.

All of the info about the menu was taken from their menu on the website since I don’t write down menu descriptions while eating…

Here are my restaurant ratings for Patois:

Healthiness of the items I chose:

I certainly didn’t choose the healthiest appetizer, but there are healthy options available (like the Heirloom lettuce salad with the dressing on the side). I like splitting the more indulgent items, so I can have a taste but not too much.

Willingness of the restaurant to adapt to my order:

The salad I got was not a salad where you could get the dressing on the side, so I couldn’t change that order.  For my entrée, they were very willing to put the butter sauce on the side as well as split the dish, so my sister and I could each have our own plates.


The food was amazing; the atmosphere is nice – there was 6 of us, but it’d be a good place for just 2; the service was good.  Although I wouldn’t consider it health food, it wasn’t completely ridiculous.  There are healthier options on the menu, and I liked how fresh the food was. I really recommend this restaurant, and now I want to go back…

  • Once again, no one paid me or gave me anything for saying any of this about Patois. I just loved it and can’t wait to go back!


On another note Happy National Dessert Day! (It’s supposed to be the second Thursday of October, but it could be tomorrow the 14th.) Either way, it’s National Cookie Month, so let’s celebrate! Here are some links for cookies or bars that I reeaally want to try or have made and love. Enjoy!

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